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Which hosting provider is recommended?
Posted by Giselle Abadi on 29 March 2016 01:26 PM

There are numerous quality hosts available. However, we highly recommend CPANEL Linux hosting because it is most reliable and makes it easier to extract zip files. We strongly suggest to avoid Windows hosting for your Wordpress/Joomla websites. 

There are two types of hosting available: Shared Resources which are suitable for small websites or managed/dedicated hosting which is suitable for medium size and specialized hosting for real estate.

Dedicated Managed Hosting (Specialized hosting for real estate websites/ MLS IDX hosting etc.): Realtyna Web-Hosting  


If you are planning to utilize an MLS Integration or large scale portal, please note that shared hosting has limitations on the number of files, CPU/memory usage and server configurations, so it is best to avoid shared hosting providers.


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