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How to use SEO patterns of WPL?

Posted by Howard R. on 25 May 2018 05:24 AM

Advanced SEO Patterns

Since WPL 3.2.0, we introduced an advanced tool for managing SEO patterns of WPL. You can use this tool for specifying different SEO patterns for different property types and different entity/kinds (Complex and/or Neighborhood) if you have multiple entity/kinds on your website.

You can find this tool in WPL->Settings->SEO.

By default WPL uses default SEO patterns unless you specify a certain pattern for a certain kind/property type. You can find default SEO patterns above of this tool in WPL->Settings->SEO menu.

Please check following figure for inserting conditional SEO patterns:

Default SEO Patterns

In case that you lost the default SEO patterns, you can find them below and insert in your WPL:

Listing Link: [property_type][glue][listing][glue][location][glue][rooms][glue][bedrooms][glue][bathrooms][glue][price]

Listing Title: [property_type] [listing] [str:at:street_no] [street_no] [street] [location4_name]

Listing Page Title: [property_type] [listing] [glue] [rooms] [glue] [bedrooms] [glue] [bathrooms] [glue] [price] [glue] [id] [glue]

Meta Description: [bedrooms] [str:Bedrooms:bedrooms] [rooms] [str:Rooms:rooms] [str:With:bathrooms] [bathrooms] [str:Bathrooms:bathrooms] [property_type] [listing] [field_54] [field_42] [str:On the:field_55] [field_55] [str:Floor:field_55] [str:In] [location]

Meta Keywords: [location][glue] [bedrooms] [str:Bedrooms:bedrooms][glue] [rooms] [str:Rooms:rooms][glue][bathrooms][str:Bathrooms:bathrooms][glue][property_type][glue][listing][glue][field_54][glue][field_42][glue][field_55][glue][listing_id]

SEO Pattern Terms

[glue]: Used as a separator for elements, WPL will replace it by default it its own glues but if you like to change it you can simply replace [glue] by your desired separator. For example replace [glue] with - character.

[str:In]: It will insert Simple "In" text into the pattern. Also it cares about translation and multilingual subjects. For example if your website is Spanish, it try to translate "In" text into Spanish and then insert the Spanish text. If you're wondering about translation subjects, don't forget to use the same format for inserting texts into the patterns.

[str:Bedrooms:bedrooms]: It's a conditional text, it will insert "Bathroom" text into the pattern only if bedrooms data is set and is higher than 0.

[column_name]: You can insert data of any WPL columns into the pattern, knowing column name of that field is necessary. By column name we mean, column name in [wp_prefix]_wpl_properties table.

Clearing WPL Cache

Note: Don't forget to clear WPL caches on WPL->Settings->Maintenance section if you modified SEO patterns.

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