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Developers -- How to show new fields in property listing page?

Posted by Howard R. on 25 May 2016 11:34 PM

If you want to show some new fields in the property listing page you should do the following steps:

1- Open [wp_prefix]_wpl_dbst table in your website database and find the field that you want to show and then set its plisting column to 1 instead of 0.

2- Override /path/to/wpl/views/frontend/property_listing/tmpl/assets/default_listings.php file into your (child) theme and then modify it show your desired field data. You can check this KB article for overriding core files into (child) themes. You can find rendered data of your desired field into $property['materials'] variable. Then you can simply print it to the page and apply your desired icon if needed using some CSS codes.

Note: A same scenario is applicable for showing agent fields in profile listing menu. You should override /path/to/wpl/views/frontend/profile_listing/tmpl/assets/default_profiles.php and then print your desired field from $profile['materials'] variable.

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