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Developers -- How to add new units into the WPL?

Posted by Howard R. on 05 August 2015 02:06 AM

WPL units saved in [wp_prefix]_wpl_units table. If you want to add a new unit into the WPL, you should add a new record in this table. Please fill the below columns based on instructions:

id: Add a high id into this field. 10001 and higher are good values for id column.

type: Insert 1 for length unit, 2 for area unit, 3 for valume unit and 4 for currency units.

tosi: Insert exchange rate of new unit to SI unit. For currencies, SI unit is USD. For other units, m, m² and m³ are SI units.

After adding new unit, it will appear in WPL->Data Structure->Unit manager and you can enable/disable it or make it default unit by sorting it to the top.

Comments (2)
27 December 2016 09:39 AM
Hi, thanks for the explanation; is there any way to change the currency SI unit to Euro?
Melanie M.
05 January 2017 02:31 AM
In the new version of WPL (which is not released yet), we have the option to define "Base Currency" which makes WPL calculate the SI based on the selected Currency.